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First sailing experience with school CCF, senior under officer.

Commissioned as Probationary/Temporary/Acting/Surgeon Sub Lt RNR 1962, saw interesting recalls to service with the RN in Gibraltar, Malta, Belize and Norway, Surgeon No 2 Support Team RM, Retired 1989 Surg Lt Cdr RD, member RNSA.

First boat a Beneteau First 18, 1989, member Royal Windermere YC

Cruising with friends/family South Coast, Holland, Belgium, France, Channel Isles, Brittany, Mediterranean, (France, Spain, Greece, Turkey) Florida, Whitsundays, often chartering. First ocean passage Canaries/Gibraltar

2003 commissioned Pipe Dream an Island Packet 420, member Chichester YC

2005 Circum UK (well almost), ARC 2006 (2nd in class), Caribbean, ARCEurope 2009,

since 2010 Portugal, Spain, Balearics, Sardinia, Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Croatia, Azores

Yachtmaster, Ham licence, M0GES/mm.



 "An attitude and way of life which faces facts, which deals in realities without evasion, which knows that the only failure is dishonesty and that error is truth betrayed."      Captain Lincoln Collard of Maine.




 Some texts are articles I wrote for a sailing magazine but most are taken from cotemporous diary notes and any opinions expressed therein are entirely my own.

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